Save on Dating with these 3 tips

Estimated Monthly Savings: $800

Dating is really fun sometimes, but it can also leave you feeling drained, financially and otherwise. When going on a date, most people just grab drinks. Not only does this get boring fast, but in some cities, a cocktail can cost more than $10!  Check out these tips for planning a memorable but inexpensive date.

Free Museum Dates

Most major cities offer free entry to their museums either a few times a year or even a few times a month. If you and your date are lovers of history or art, this is a great option. Some museums even have events for adults with drinks and activities.

Get Outdoors

There’s nothing like the great outdoors and luckily, most of the time being outside is free. Take your date on a casual stroll around your beautiful city or for a hike in the woods. If you have a dog, don’t leave him or her out.

Make Dinner

Going out to a nice dinner can be costly, but making dinner for or with your date is a fun, meaningful activity. Make a dinner of food popular in your culture to really stand out. Turn up the romance with a bottle of wine and flowers.

A date can cost anywhere from $50-100 or more. If you’re going on two dates per week, that can add up to $800 a month! Try keeping at least some of those dates within the less expensive activity ideas, and you will see a tremendous impact on your wallet. Plus, one of these unique ideas might just be what catches your date’s interest.