4 Saving Suggestions for Your Halloween Party

Estimated Monthly Savings: $100

Never let a lack of funds keep you from entertaining. Halloween is the perfect time to host an inexpensive gathering for family or friends. With a few simple tricks and some creative shopping, you can turn your home into the perfect spooky setting for a ghoulish gala!

Decor. Embrace the ghost theme. Scour your linen closet and pull out every white sheet or pillowcase you can find. Borrow from friends and neighbors if you can. A well placed white sheet over a high-backed chair or a hat rack will give that spooky look to your room without any added cost. Black felt circle eyes can be pinned on to complete the ghostly illusion. Cheesecloth over photographs and banisters adds to the spooky ambiance and a cheesecloth runner over a solid color tablecloth will make your table the perfect setting for a Halloween buffet. Cheesecloth can be purchased in bulk at most superstores. Buy a nice big box for under $10 and use it all over the house.

Refreshments. Rather than buying cases of bottles and cans, Halloween is the perfect holiday for a creative spiced seasonal punch. If you don’t have a punch bowl and cups, check the thrift shops in your area. You can almost always snag an elaborate set for under $20 and extra cups abound. Find a recipe that uses Mountain Dew or another green tinged drink to add to that spooky sensation.

Food. Fall holidays are common times to host a pot luck. Encourage guests to bring finger foods and hors d’oeuvres that don’t require utensils. As host, you can make a few big cauldrons of flavored popcorn and an assortment of cookies. Milanos with “R.I.P.” scrawled on them in icing will look like grave stones and give the buffet table some interest. Buy a popcorn popper if you don’t already own one. For under $20, a popcorn popper will save you lots of money over time as popping your own popcorn is MUCH cheaper and healthier than microwaveable varieties.

Entertainment. Gather up your spooky movies on DVD and run them in the background. Or, if you have a cable provider that offers music channels, look for the seasonal stations. Very often there are spooky music channels running throughout the month of October and you can have a free themed deejay just by switching on the television!

Most of all, have fun and relax. The best parties are not the ones that cost a bundle. The best parties are clever and laid back with an expectation of camaraderie and socialization. Circulate amongst your guests, compliment the food they’ve brought, and maybe drop a rubber spider in their drink when they aren’t looking! Happy Halloween!