5 Tips to Save Money During a Night of Fun with Friends

Estimated Monthly Savings: $100

Who doesn’t enjoy going out at night and having fun with friends? Of course, going out can look different for each of us. Perhaps you enjoy dancing, going to the casino, hitting the bar, or seeing a local band play.

Whatever you enjoy doing, a night on the town doesn’t need to cost a lot of money. Creating your plan for the night is key to your money-saving success!

First, bring cash. When you are out having fun, it is really easy to swipe your card and forget about the transaction. However, if you leave your plastic at home and bring only the cash you need, you are going to stay in budget. In other words, no accidental splurging!

Second, limit your alcohol consumption. Since alcohol lowers our inhibitions, we can find it easier to spend more money when we are feeling the buzz. By avoiding excessive drinking (which also saves money), you will remain rational and avoid impulse spending.

Third, plan nights with your friends that remain within your budget. Part of the fun of spending a night out with friends is being with your friend. It isn’t about spending money. So, when you set your budget, bring cash, and limit your alcohol consumption, you aren’t really hindering yourself.

Fourth, eat before you head out for the night. Eating at restaurants adds up, and unless this is the main event of your night, fixing your own dinner can save you money while you’re out with your friends.

Finally, do your research and locate deals online! If you bring exactly enough money for the event fees (if there are any), you are only able to join the main activity. You can use social media sites to find activities, Groupon for deals, or check out Craigslist for tickets.