4 Tips to Avoid Holiday Alcohol Markups

Estimated Monthly Savings: $300

Holidays are a time to celebrate friendship, family, and good health. Celebrating is often tied with festive drinks, wine, or beer in the United States. Whether you are hosting a small gathering at your home or a large holiday party, the expense of alcohol adds up quickly.

In fact, this can be the most expensive part of a gathering! Last Memorial Day I witnessed a man spend $250 alone on beer. His cart towered with the largest packs he could collect.

Knowing people will spend more money on alcohol during holidays, retailers will mark up the merchandise to increase their sales. Alcohol is no exception. Fall and winter are filled with holidays and parties, beginning with Labor Day and moving forward into Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s Eve.

The first step in avoiding the holiday alcohol markup is to plan early. So, get out our calendar and a red pen now. With each additional gathering or party you want to host or anticipate attending, create a list of the alcohol you will need. This could include wine for hostess gifts, schnapps for tasty fall/winter drinks, or beer for football games.

Second, seek out coupons. Available coupons could make certain stores cheaper to shop in than others. You can plan your menus and drinks around what is cheapest, and purchase as necessary.

Third, begin stocking up on your beverages of choice each paycheck. Budget what you can afford, and pick up a bottle or six-pack here and there throughout the year. Alcohol will not spoil, and you’ll be prepared without having to spend a large chunk of money at one time.

Finally, limit alcohol availability at your gatherings. You can do so by offering one or two drinks and preparing appropriately, offering non-alcoholic beverages only, or turning your party into a BYO.

Holidays are expensive, and everything adds up quickly. Save yourself time and money by avoiding the holiday alcohol markups. Depending on the alcohol you purchase, you could safe a significant amount of funds!