Gas Discount Cards: How to Easily Save at the Pumps in 4 steps

Estimated Monthly Savings: $20

Purchasing gasoline is an inevitable expense if you frequently need to leave your home. The Motley Fool estimates that consumers spent $1,400+ for gas in 2015 (based on an average $2.15/gallon) – and the sad part is, the gas prices seem to be rising.

How in the world do we stop spending so much on fuel for our car?!

Gas Discount Cards! These free programs allow you to accrue points that you can use for discounts on fuel purchases. These cards typically save you $0.03-$0.10 off each gallon of gasoline you put in your car. Every little bit helps when you are trying to save!

How to Maximize your Savings with Gas Discount Cards

1. Focus on just 1-2 stores. Build up your savings with fewer loyalty programs. That way, you will reach the points needed for a reward sooner.

2. Shop at grocery stores with fuel rewards. Supermarkets with their own gas pumps may offer a loyalty program that allows you to earn discounts for gas when you purchase groceries. Plan your shopping to include these stores when possible to save even more.

3. Fill up when your car’s fuel hand is touching “E”. If you are using your fuel rewards, be sure not to waste them. Time your next stop at the pumps when your car needs a whole tank. This gives you the most savings with your reward.

4. Don’t forget about your rewards! Keep track of your gas discount card account to avoid missing any rewards. When you sign up, supply a valid email address to learn about special discounts only available to members.

Utilizing gas discount cards in your daily commutes will help to shave off a bit of the money you spend on gas each month. It all adds up, especially with fuel prices continuing to climb as the years pass by.