Why regular oil changes will save you money and 3 tips to save on the maintenance

Estimated Monthly Savings: $45

Getting your oil changed regularly is one of the most important car maintenance tricks to consider. On a good month, checking your oil and/or getting it changed can save you gas money. Cars who are routinely repaired run more efficiently and thus save you money. However, if you don’t get an oil change and continue to use your vehicle, eventually your engine can burn out. That alone can cost you at least $1000 …

All of which could be avoided by simply investing in a proper oil change every 3 months or at the mileage determined by your car manufacturer.  Once you weigh out the costs of a proper oil change versus not getting your oil changed, it is easy to see how spending money on the upkeep of your car pays off in the long-run.

If you aren’t interested in changing your own oil, we recommend looking for coupons and special deals to help offset the cost. Here are a few great locations to get you started:

Groupon has many deals available for purchase online. If you go to their site and search the term “oil change” and indicate your city, every local deal for an oil change will appear. Sometimes this may mean a group package that equals a cheaper rate per oil change, and sometimes it is a one-time deal.

Sign up for customer loyalty programs. Many businesses that do oil changes have some sort of loyalty program to keep customers coming back. By signing up, you may receive coupons for cheaper oil changes, birthday surprises, and special deal announcements. This will keep you apprised of offerings, so you can make an informed decision on when best to take your car in for an oil change.

Couponing. Good, old-fashioned couponing can get you a long way in the service industry. If you are able, find the local paper and advertisements. Inside, you will often find coupons to cut and use at local businesses – including oil change businesses. Also, your local establishment may even accept competitor coupons in order to sway your business their direction. There is no harm in asking!