Receipt Surveys for extra points and coupons: 3 Ways to Get Paid for Your Receipts

Estimated Monthly Savings: $100

We have all been there. The transaction is complete, the last bag is in the cart, and the cashier is smiling at you with a wad of receipt paper in her hand. The immediate reaction? Grab the foot-long roll and cram it into your pocket, purse, whatever, as soon as possible.

But what to do with all of those stuffed and folded receipts?

Here are three solutions to turn that irritating crumple of paper into cold, hard cash.

1. Check the receipt.

Many national grocery chains (as well as fast food franchises) print information on their receipts for free surveys regarding your experience and offer rewards for completing the survey. These rewards range from coupons for free items up to $1000 shopping sprees.

2. Receipt Scanning Apps

Available through the Apple Store and the Google Play Store, there are many apps that pay you to scan your receipts and upload them for the purposes of market research. Some of these applications, such as ReceiptPal, allow you to earn points for each scanned receipt and you can cash in the points for Amazon gift cards. Others, like ReceiptHog, allow you to exchange earned points for Amazon gift cards or you can transfer the cash to a PayPal account.

3. Turning Shopping Trips to Cash

You may want to increase your receipts after you download one of those nifty receipt scanning apps. Luckily, there is an app for that too. With apps like ShopKick you can earn money for just going to your favorite stores or scanning/purchasing certain products. The rewards vary by retailer, but each shopping trip provides yet another receipt to scan.

By utilizing any of these simple hacks you can start getting paid to shop and, finally, you’ll know just what to do with the receipt every time.