3 Ways To Save with Coupons, Focusing on Things You Already Buy

Estimated Monthly Savings: $60

We all have necessities in our homes. We all need food, toiletries, clothes, etc. However, just because you need something, that doesn’t mean you should pay more for it than you have to. While you can scour the Internet for hours to find the best deals, you don’t actually have to. A lot of great coupons are sitting right in front of you, and you haven’t even noticed.

So, if you want to save some money, start looking in these three places.

#1: Your Receipts

We all get a receipt when we make a purchase, but how often do we actually look at them? You might be surprised as the coupons and deals on your receipt, which are meant to tempt you to come back again. Dollar General receipts, for instance, often have day-specific coupons on them that will take $5 of your purchase over a certain amount. Other stores will offer you discounts if you take a survey. So before you toss your receipt, see if it will save you some cash.

#2: Your “Junk” Mail

Most of us just toss out any mail we get that isn’t bills, or something specifically addressed to us. However, it pays to take a few minutes to dig through the junk to see if there’s anything in it you can actually use. While clipping coupons for $0.50 off a pack of soda might seem barely worth the effort, add up the savings on your next grocery bill, and see how much less you spend. Especially if you find offers that give you back more than a few quarters.

#3: Ask About Membership Programs

Customer loyalty is hard to get these days, and a lot of businesses have started programs customers can join. You typically get a fob, or some kind of card, which can be scanned in when you make a purchase. These programs give you access to lower prices, they often grant you points for rewards, and they’re usually free. Check your local grocery chain, gas station, and other places you buy things from every day to see if there’s a program you haven’t been taking advantage of.