Coupons are a New Parent’s BEST Friend!

Estimated Monthly Savings: $100

Every new parent quickly learns that being a new parent is expensive… sometimes very expensive. Formula. Diapers. Baby Wipes. Baby foods. Clothes. Toys. Books. The list of things babies need to stay stimulated never ends. That doesn’t even include household supplies like strollers, highchairs, cribs, changing tables, etc… being a new parent is not a cheap endeavor.

However, the good news is that there ARE various coupons that can save you money on some of your basic staples to make it a bit less expensive to be a new parent. Finding those coupons and knowing how to use them to benefit you is the key to saving where possible when you are a new parent.

Where Do I Find Coupons?

Checking is a great start. Oftentimes, they will have coupons on things like formula or diapers for toddlers or babies. These coupons change and are added weekly, so check back often to see if you have any new savings! You can print 2 coupons off each computer you have. Printing from more than 1 computer can get you more coupons. Stocking up on diapers or formula when you have coupons can help save money on otherwise expensive items. It may be $1-$3 off of diapers or formula, etc. but it will add up and pays off to print the coupons 3 to a page off the internet. You can’t beat the deals you will get!

Sign Up For Clubs:

Many grocery stores throughout the US have their “New Moms” clubs that allows you to sign up for coupons to help save money on your baby’s foods, formula, and diapers to name a few items that provide savings. Teething treats, sippy cups, binkies, and other products for babies or young toddlers that are often provided coupons. Anything that stores can help you save money on with a young child is welcome, and that list continues to grow as more and more stores compete for customers and sales of baby products among other items they sell. Search for these clubs or ask your local grocer about providing clubs like this in your area.

Check Store Flyers for Promotions:

Many large chain grocery stores will provide promotions to help families save on formulas, baby food, or even diapers/wipes for children. Check your local stores and see what savings they may offer to new parents trying to raise their children. Special coupons or sales that may be available ARE worthwhile taking advantage of in the long-run.

Check For Coupons: is another great place to look for coupons for baby supplies. Keep an eye out for savings on things like formulas, baby food, wet wipes, and diapers to name a few products you can find coupons on to help you save!

See If You Are Eligible For WIC:

Women Infants and Children (WIC) is a program available to any family who has children under 5 years of age and makes at or below the level set by the specific state in which that person resides. The WIC income level is higher than that for food stamps and provides additional nutrition for children and mothers that help offset the costs of things like formula and healthy foods such as 100% fruit juices, milk, eggs, fruits, vegetables, etc. This program ensures lower-income families with small children are able to provide their children with the best nutrients and starts to life possible.

While income requirements vary by state, the average income for WIC households is 185% or less of the US poverty guidelines, whereas food stamps are 130% or less of the US poverty guidelines. For example, a family of 4 will generally have to have an income of $46,435 or 185% of the poverty line or less to qualify for WIC. This ensures healthy starts to young children of lower income families, while helping decrease the risk of problems like childhood malnutrition or obesity due to poor diet.

Families who are eligible for this service and use it can help their children have a healthier advantage to starting out life right with healthy foods and good nutrition supplemented through WIC.

Apps That Save Money/Catch Deals:

These are a few ways that you can save on needed baby products in the future. Any specific questions should be directed to your local supermarket or shopping center as every company is different with what promotions they will run to help you save money.

Even programs like Target’s Savings Wheel or Walmart’s Savings Catcher can help you get money back by taking picture of your receipt so you can find lower prices other stores may have offered. Then you get some credit back to your account for your next purchase of products in that area. Finding the lowest prices through apps like this can also help save more money in the future for you and your whole family!