3 Ways to Save Big on Clothing Purchases by Shopping Discounts and Clearance

Estimated Monthly Savings: $150

Getting the right clothing for every occasion and season is necessary, but there’s no reason why it has to be expensive. By using these techniques, you can get what you need for less and never go without new clothing.

Shop Off Season

Clothing stores have two main season: spring/summer and fall/winter. Because people generally start shopping for the next season a month or two before it begins, stores want to get rid of the other clothing on the floor to put out the next season’s clothing. As it gets closer to the next season, the discounts on the existing clothing deepen. You can save big by shopping those discounts and saving the clothing to wear in a few months. Depending on the department store, those end-of-season discounts can run to 80% off and more.

Buy Clothing on eBay

Some people think of eBay as a place for used items, but nothing could be further from the truth. Just do a clothing search for clothing that is new with tags and a world of inexpensive, brand new clothing is at your fingertips. And yes, you can get designer clothing this way that has never been worn.

Watch for Store Closings

It can be sad when a store closes, but more and more chains are closing some of their locations to strengthen the ones that remain. Rather than pay to ship their inventories elsewhere, they discount what’s left in the closing locations. As with seasonal sales, the more time passes, the more the items are discounted. You can get clothing at these sales that are discounted 50% or more by watching for these sales.

To find a closing, watch local news websites, pay attention to local commercials that advertise these sales and great a Google alert to help you find them quickly. To do this, go to Google Alerts and set up an alert that includes a phrase like “store closing” and your location. You’ll get an email alert when those phrases come up together.