3 Ways To Decorate For Halloween Without Spooking Your Savings

Estimated Monthly Savings: $100

There’s nothing more exciting, or more expensive, than a holiday season. Each holiday comes with the expectation of festive activities, decorations, and treats. It also comes with the overwhelming pressure to create the holiday spirit.

Stores are prepared for Halloween-enthused customers starting in mid-August. The Jack-O-Lanterns and candy bags are out. The pressure to decorate starts building up inside each person who wants to make the holiday great for their loved ones.

Holidays are wonderful but they can also create extra anxiety for those who don’t feel like spending excessive amounts of money on things they’ll end up packing away in a few short weeks.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could focus on your family and the spooky fun of the Halloween season without stressing about all the finances involved?

With Halloween fast approaching, it’s the perfect time to start spooking up your house and creating that Halloween atmosphere.

Fortunately, there are a few simple ways to decorate so that you create that fun and frightening atmosphere without spooking your savings!

1. Making your own decorations can become a tradition that saves money and creates unity. Whether you’re alone, dating someone, married, or have your own children, creating your own decorations is a fantastic way to increase the Halloween spirit while saving money. By doing a little research, you can decide on a Halloween project to complete each year. While paper or other disposable decorations are fun to make, it might be in your best interest to make something durable that can be added to your Halloween decoration collection. Turn on a spooky movie, boil some apple cider, and work on a fun project that can last a lifetime. This will generate the Halloween spirit far better than a trip to the store to buy cheap plastic decorations ever would. Whether it’s a creepy homemade Halloween wreath or a handmade pumpkin scented candle, you can start a collection of Halloween projects that you bring out and add to each year.

2. Scout out Halloween decorations on Craigslist, Facebook yard sale groups, or at local garage sales. You may only think of Craigslist and yard sales when you’re in need of an old dresser to paint or some used soccer shoes to buy, but they’re actually a great resource for finding holiday decorations. Facebook yard sale groups have become wildly popular. Unless you’re from a small town with only 500 people, there’s most likely a few yard sale groups in your area that you can join. In our modern age of widespread internet use, the possibilities to find used items are endless! Start scouring these sites early on in the season, so that you don’t end up in the expensive Halloween decoration aisle at the supermarket.

3. Buy small cheap candy in bulk. Buying treats is always expensive, but it’s especially anxiety inducing when you’re trying to buy candy for the whole neighborhood. If you’re at a point in your life where you’re trying to save money, than don’t worry about being the “cool house on the block” that hands out full size candy bars. Grab a bulk size bag of tootsie rolls or lollipops and call it good! It’s not your responsibility to impress the neighborhood children. It’s your responsibility to save money so that your family can eat and be financially stable. Use an old mixing bowl or a grocery bag that children can get the candy out of. Nobody likes those creepy bowls with the hands that grab at them anyways. Although there’s often an expectation to impress the neighborhood with yard decorations and a fancy candy bowl, remember what’s really important and reign in your desire to impress.

By starting free and inexpensive Halloween traditions, you can create a fun and exciting Halloween atmosphere without breaking the bank- and you’ll be able to establish relationship or family unity while teaching the importance of spending time together and spending money wisely.