6 Tips for Finding Haunted Attractions to Scare You but Not Your Wallet

Estimated Monthly Savings: $100

Halloween is about a lot of different things: candy, costumes, parties, decorations. Some people don’t like the scary or gory parts. For those who do, haunted houses and other haunted attractions can seriously break the bank at up to $60 a ticket! So, how can you get the thrill of terror without blowing absurd amounts of money?

  • Go with the amateurs! There are a lot of people who just love Halloween. They put in a lot of time and effort and put on a great show and are usually just looking to make back what they’ve spent on props and costumes. These haunted houses are reasonably priced and usually well done.
  • Look for haunted houses that are benefits for charity. Their supplies are often donated, so they have lower costs. You get the added benefit of giving to a good cause.
  • Check the events section of your local paper. Some of the big haunted attractions have free or cheap nights, often with donations going to local charity. You can also find this information on the schedule page of most haunted attractions’ websites.
  • Look for outside events. Events in the woods, on farms, in graveyards, or in public spaces are often less expensive than the ones in high rent buildings.
  • Purchase tickets online. Most attractions offer discounts for buying online.
  • Venues already in existence, like zoos or theatres, often have special events for Halloween at their usual admission price.

Sometimes a good fright is actually a lot of fun, but not when it’s from checking your account balance. You can enjoy the holiday and get a good scare without spending too much if you just do a little legwork ahead of time.