4 Ways to Save Money with Trunk or Treat

Estimated Monthly Savings: $100

Halloween is fun for any age and time of life, whether you are a single adult, a newly married couple, or if you have children. But decorating your entire house for Halloween, though an enjoyable experience, can also be an expensive one. So, here is an alternative! Trunk or treat! Trunk or treat takes the wonderful trick or treat experience and makes it safer and more enjoyable for all involved. Instead of going from house to house for candy, a group of people – whether a church, a neighborhood or some other social group – get together on Halloween night. And instead of decorating your home, you decorate the back of your car. Think of it like a tailgate party, but for Halloween.

And you don’t have to spend a ton of money decorating your car to have a wonderful time. Here are four inexpensive ideas to make your trunk or treat the best!

  1. Hungry Car

You can make the back of your car look like a giant mouth with a big bowl of candy inside. All you need to buy is a large sheet of red construction or tissue paper, or light red fabric, which you cut into the shape of a tongue. Add some black linen or paper to the back of your trunk so no one can see the interior of your vehicle. Then buy construction paper in red and white to cut out the teeth. Finish it off with a black plastic cauldron or whatever candy bowl you prefer to put inside your trunk and fill it with candy.

  1. Candyland

Creating Candyland is an extremely fun project for the back of your car, and you don’t need a lot of items to do it. Large colorful buckets for your candy mountain, rectangular pieces of colorful construction paper for the rainbow walkway, cardboard cutouts of gingerbread men and white plastic candy canes wrapped with red ribbon can complete this look. If you are a little more ambitious, take a square of wood, a long, white plastic pole or tube and colorful paper plates to make your giant lollipops.

  1. Christmas in October

If you really love Christmas and just can’t wait to decorate for it, you can use your trunk or treat to show off your Christmas spirit! Lay down a Christmas red blanket or tree skirt in the trunk of your car and pile on the Christmas presents. These can be just wrapped boxes for decoration or, if you really want to surprise the kids, fill them with inexpensive gifts and candy, that way the kids can lift the top off the present and receive their wonderful prize inside. If you already have Christmas decorations, it won’t cost anything. But if you don’t, Christmas decorations are not hard to find in October and you can decorate as much or as little as you like.

  1. Cookie Monster

Who doesn’t love the Cookie Monster? This trunk design is very simple. Buy blue and red plastic wrap or tarp. The red is for the inside of your trunk, to look like the interior of Cookie Monster’s mouth. The blue is to wrap the entire back of your car to imitate his fur. Put a pair of giant cut-out eyes on the top of your trunk lid and add some cardboard cut-out chocolate chip cookies around him and you’ve got yourself the perfect cookie monster!