2 Great Ways to Organize Your Coupons

Estimated Monthly Savings: $150

If you’ve ever been at the grocery store and realized that you forgot your coupons or can’t find specific ones, you’re not alone. Coupon organization can be tricky when you have them loose and try to dig through them at the store. However, there’s no reason to do this once you get your coupons organized. Here are two ways to do it that will keep your coupons ready to be redeemed anytime you shop.

The Coupon Divider

Small coupon dividers look like wallets. They have many slots for keeping your coupons organized. Most have tabs at the top that allow you to label each section. With your labels in place, it’s quick and easy to see just where your specific coupons are. Create labels that correspond to what you buy. This may be paper products for one, drinks for another, etc.

Be sure to sort new coupons into the divider in the appropriate slot to keep them organized. With your coupons compact and labeled, you can keep it in a purse, satchel or glove department and be ready to save anytime you decide to shop.

The Coupon Binder

Once you have become a coupon aficionado, it’s time to graduate from the coupon divider to the binder. These binders are large, flat books that look like photo albums. These are used to organize large quantities of coupons for the serious saver.

Like the divider, a binder is labeled with sections for all of the items that you buy. But because the book lays flat, you can see dozens of the coupons at the same time to choose what to buy and how to save.

Once your coupons are well-organized, you’ll be amazed at how easy it is to save big at the grocery store. You never have to pay full retail when you have your coupons at the ready.