Using Makeup Samples to Save Money with Ipsy

Estimated Monthly Savings $60

Have you ever thought about trying a monthly makeup subscription but wondered if it was worth the money? While many options are available, Ipsy is the most affordable of the makeup subscriptions at only $10 a month. Let’s find out if the bag is worth your bucks.

Try Before You Buy

Imagine browsing the shelves of makeup at Ulta. All those products displayed guaranteeing glamour, youth, and beauty. But which items work? Most would love to try without spending $48 dollars on a new foundation, or $20 on a new eyeshadow. Makeup is expensive but with Ipsy try new brands every month and find products that work for you without emptying your wallet.

Full Size and Fun Size

Ipsy offers full-size makeup and travel size (or fun size) depending on what the companies provide. Five products every month to make you one pampered princess. The full-size products will last for months proving their worth when you do not have to run to the store for more blush or a new lipstick. Full size is fine for every day but those travel size will make you gleeful when it’s time to pack your suitcase for vacation. No more trips to multiple stores searching for trial size products to make you beautiful on your next trip. Pop a few presents from Ipsy in your bag and away you go!

Tailored to You 

When deciding whether to sign up for a subscription one of the most important questions is: will they send me stuff I will use? No one wants a drawer full of products wasting away to their expiration date. Ipsy takes out the guesswork and tailors your monthly bag to you. Pick your skin tone, favorite brands, and what products you use the most. Every month Ipsy gets about twenty different items from their suppliers and decide what is the best fit for your face before filling your bags with goodies.

What’s in the Bag?

Not only will you receive a cute new bag every month but also 2-3 travel size and 2-3 full-size makeup products from top name brands. Every month the savings on brands you will love will hover around $60-$70. Your vanity table will rejoice with all the new lipglosses, mascaras, and makeup brushes. The options are endless as every month you can expect a tailored box with your preferences for full-size lipsticks, concealers, or even a lip scrub. Pamper yourself and your wallet.