Stunning Skincare and Makeup Tips to Help You Save $150 a Month!

Estimated Monthly Savings: $150

Over the centuries, good skin has been one of the markers of beauty. You always see Hollywood stars in beauty shots where their skin looks like it’s glowing. It’s true that a lot of makeup and lighting is used to make them look that way. But it’s also possible to have a glow about you as you go through everyday life. This happens when your skin is even, taut and healthy.

The good news is that using fewer beauty products can be good for your skin as well as your wallet. Many celebrities recognize this, which is why they post “no makeup selfies.” So why not save yourself some money and get great skin into the bargain? Here are a few tips:


Sometimes, women tend to go overboard with a lot of products to cleanse, scrub, moisturize, tone etc. It’s difficult to keep track of so many things to do in your beauty routine. Instead, why not try minimalism? Use a few products but use really good ones which agree with you and are high quality.

A decent cleanser will cost you $10 to $20. A good face cream will cost at least $20-$30. By eliminating scrubs, toners, eye creams, BB creams, CC creams and all the rest, you can save yourself at least $100 every month. And your skin will thank you for it too.

No Makeup

One of the best ways to make sure you don’t block your pores is to stop wearing foundation and powder. If you’ve been moisturizing your skin long enough, it should be even and clear. So you can have that fresh-faced, dewy look which so many celebrities are sporting.

You can still wear a slick of nude lipstick or a berry/plum/wine stain. Just don’t make it too dark. That way you’ll still have a natural looking face. Additionally, you can use a little bit of mascara or eyeliner, to emphasize the eyes.

All you need for this look are a couple of lipsticks and mascara/eyeliner, which can be bought for about $30. By eliminating foundation, powder, blush, and eyeshadow, you’re saving at least $40 per month, more if you tend to buy the expensive brands.