Shop Buy-One-Get-One Sales At Your Grocery Store

Estimated Monthly Savings: $200

Shop Buy-One-Get-One Sales At Your Grocery Store:

A great way to save money each week at the supermarket is to buy the buy-one-get-one items that are on sale each week. The flyer that is handed out with sales in it each week at many supermarkets throughout the country include a variety of buy-one-get-one items. These items mean that you buy one item and get another of the same value for free!

For example, you buy a jar of pickles for $3.99 then you get another jar worth $3.99 for free. Considering most states do not have taxes on foods, you have saved half of what you have spent.

Making BOGOS Work For You:

BOGOs are often offered on many “staple” items in grocery stores throughout the US. These various chains, from Publix to Winn-Dixie to Giant Eagle, offer BOGO deal to their customers on many “staple” items that can be stocked up on throughout the sales, which generally change weekly.

For example, basic staple items such as loaves of bread, containers of ice cream, cans of soups, ketchup, mustard, mayonnaise, etc. are generally things that are included in BOGOS. Even things like spaghetti sauces or boxes of pastas can be included in BOGOS. Stocking up on these household basics when they are on BOGO can help you save half of the money you would otherwise spend on these everyday products if you brought them when you were not on sale.

Keep in mind, however, that there are generally limits on how many “deals” or pairs of items you can buy in a given day. If you need more than that limit to get your family through till the next time the BOGOs are offered, feel free to go back several times throughout the time that the sales cycle is happening. Moreover, if you can’t go to the store on more than one day due to work or family life, visit multiple locations of the same store on your day off to stock up on these products.

Buy What You Need:

At the same time, these deals, while being great deals, or only good deals if you are going to use what you buy. Many of these “staples” are good for several months or even two to three years after purchasing the product (depending on what you are buying). Moreover, buying only what your family will need will save even more money than buying products you will not use. Whether you will use a few deals or many more, planning ahead as to how you will use these products will help you save even more money and make the most of what you do buy.