Grocery Store Flyers: 5 things to consider!


Estimated Monthly Savings: $100

For most people, saving money at the grocery store is important. Saving money on your groceries takes some effort. One of the best ways to save money on groceries is to regularly review store flyers.

Store flyers can often be viewed as an insert in your local paper or online through the store’s website. Many stores also have store flyers at the front of the store. These flyers will list items that are on sale. Often, they will also have store coupons, which give you good deals on products. There are several things you can do to make the most of store flyers.

  • Look at and compare multiple stores’ offers. It is important to consider the cost based on the size and quantity of the items on sale. For example, a larger jar of peanut butter may be on sale for more than the smaller jar, but you might be able to save money per ounce by getting the larger jar.
  • Know the regular cost of the items you buy most often. This will help you know if a sale item is really a good deal. If it costs significantly less than the regular cost at another store, you may want to stock-up on the item.
  • If you like the store coupon price, grab a few flyers. Some stores will only let you buy a specific number of sale items or use a specific coupon once per transaction, but if you are willing to go through the checkout several times, you can continue to save money.
  • Consider transportation costs. If the store across town has apples for two cents per pound cheaper than the store just down the road from your house, it likely isn’t worth a trip to the store across town if that was the only item you were planning on buying.
  • Keep track of the cost of sale items. Sometimes, you might not be sure if the sale is really offering a good deal. By keeping track of how much the item cost during one sale, you can better understand if it is really a good deal the next time the item is on sale.

Of course, looking at store flyers is just one way you can save money at the grocery store. We encourage you to look for other ways you can spend less on your groceries.