Save on your daily coffee habit by using your phone!

Estimated monthly savings: $40

Coffee. Many people rely on its influence in their everyday lives and often feel they can’t function without it. A warm mug can be a major motivator to climb out of bed, can help you get past an afternoon slump or can keep you awake long enough to finish that overdue project. Many coffee fans can find themselves in front of a drive-thru window or office Keurig machine a couple of times a day and spend as much a five dollars on more sophisticated drinks. It adds up. But in today‘s modern world saving money on what some consider a necessity is almost as easy as spending it in the first place.

While many chains offer deals that are open to all customers, many also have smartphone apps that provide extra deals to those who are willing to sign up. It’s a lot like couponing and a loyalty program all rolled into one.

Deals and rewards as soon as you download:

The most immediate benefit of incorporating an app into your coffee breaks is that some apps offer free drinks just for signing up! Many also offer free drinks for birthdays or other holidays, and coupons are almost always available immediately after download as well. Some apps will also advertise other deals that are not exclusive to the app. While that doesn’t directly save you more, it can help you make a more informed decision before arriving.

It pays to be loyal:

One thing to keep in mind is that although there’s nothing wrong with signing up for multiple apps to take advantage of more deals or simply for variety, using fewer allows you to gain perks faster with a specific chain because some deals or freebies are earned over time.

Apps point the way to free coffee:

Many coffee apps also offer systems where customers earn points (Sometimes called by another name such as stars) for purchasing through the app or with a gift card associated with the same account. Building these points can earn you free coffees or other food and drink items.

Depending on the individual app and personal usage, a person might see a free beverage each week or so if they use the service consistently, and in this fast-paced world an extra cup of coffee certainly wouldn’t hurt.