Save Money on Commonly Purchased Toiletries

Estimated Monthly Savings: $20

Bed Bath & Beyond is a store known for their home organization products, kitchen and household items, and so much more. They also sell a variety of toiletry items that are commonly purchased by families on a month-to-month basis… so, what is the big deal about this, you ask?

They accept a variety of coupons and they allow you to stack coupons! They even accept EXPIRED coupons! Do we have your attention yet? Let’s go over the details now.

What type of coupons does the store offer and accept?

The store accepts manufacturer coupons and Bed Bath & Beyond coupons. Plus, don’t forget, you can stack coupons and use expired store coupons too. Below are a few of the most common coupons the store offers via mail, email, and text message:

  • $5 off your purchase of at least $15
  • 20% off a single item (you can use one for each item if you stockpile)
  • 10% off a single item

What commonly purchased items can you buy at Bed Bath & Beyond?

  • Shampoo, Conditioner & Styling Products
  • Toothpaste & Mouthwash
  • Cosmetics
  • Bar Soap, Body Wash & Body Lotion
  • Deodorant
  • Tampons & Pads
  • Medicine for Common Colds
  • Razors & Shaving Cream
  • …and much more

What type of coupon combinations can you do?

Combine manufacturer coupons and any store coupons you have. You can use coupons you received in the mail with coupons you received through text messaging on the same visit. You can literally use a coupon for each item you purchase. There are some exclusions that apply to the store coupons, but if you are looking to save some money in the toiletry department, exclusions almost next exist. If you have a coupon that was sent to your house in 2015, no problem, they will accept it!

If there is a Bed Bath & Beyond in your area, check it out to see what type of common household items your location is stocked with. This might just be the best place for you to save some big bucks for your family.