How to Save Money on Family Fun and Fitness This Winter


Estimated Monthly Savings: $50

Ready to embrace winter and have fun with your family while burning calories and building muscle?

Let the upcoming Olympic Winter Games inspire you! Nothing will make you appreciate the amazing athleticism of Olympic competitors more than trying their sports out for yourself.

Best of all, you’ll be making memories with your family!

On the Ice

Inspired by the fluid movements of figure skaters? Or is the intensity of speed skating or ice hockey more your speed? Visit your local ice rink or frozen lake or pond to burn calories and get your glide on. Ice skating is a great activity for all ages and fitness levels. Look for family skate events at your community rink for savings. Most municipal facilities also offer free or low-cost lessons. Figure skating and ice hockey are both terrific aerobic workouts.

In the Snow

Although most people will never experience the thrill of an Olympic bobsled, skeleton, or luge run, an inexpensive sled and a snowy hill are all you need for a fun winter workout. Climbing that hill will strengthen your quads, glutes, and calf muscles, burn calories, and give you an aerobic workout. Enjoying the thrill of the ride will motivate you to make that climb again and again.

In the Comfort of Your Home

If cold-weather sports are not your thing, you can still enjoy watching the Olympics with your family. But don’t just sit there—get up and move! Challenge everyone to do squats, lunges, or jumping jacks while watching a figure skating short program (2 minutes and 50 seconds), or hold a plank during the 1,000 meter short track speed skating event (about 90 seconds). Keep a running total of falls during competition and do that number of burpees during commercial breaks.

These Olympic-inspired activities can get your family moving together toward better health, while saving money on gym fees.