5 Ways to Find Deals on Social Media

Estimated Monthly Savings: $70

Nearly all of us Use social media every day, but most of us don’t think sharing and following our favorite brands can save us money. Check out the following ways you can save while you share and “Like”.

Try using hashtags to find savings

Try doing specific hashtag searches by adding #(the product)coupon or #(your product) instead of generalized searches. Try words like offer, giveaway, discount, code, and specials, and of course, the hashtags #ExtremeCouponing and #CouponCommunity.

Make sure to “Like” the Facebook Pages of Your Favorite Stores and Brands

Try liking brands and stores you really want to patronize.  But first, check out their Facebook pages and look for deals and sneak peeks of new products. Companies often offer exclusive online deals, online sales, and early product releases, but only if you like their pages.

Follow Store and Brand Twitter Accounts

Following stores and brands on twitter is essential to finding deals online. Twitter is often the first place deals and special offers are posted and they branch out through the store’s social network from there, spreading to the public. Follow them and be the first in line, while also having a backup contact for special offers outside of Facebook.

Try the Group Buy

One little known social saving tool is the Living Social’s Me+3 promotion share-and-save program. When you buy from Living Social you get a unique link that you can share. You share the link with your friends and once they buy the deal you get it for free. There are similar sites that offer these kinds of promotions but your friends have to buy in before you can even make a purchase. Ticketmaster has a very similar plan for buying packs of several tickets.

Opt into Facebook Based Loyalty Reward Programs

While it’s important to follow stores you want deals from, be selective and don’t flood your feed. Just make smart “likes” for companies that count and try and find companies that make shopping easier for you. For example, airlines like Alaska Airlines and Malaysia Airlines that help you book online and let you join loyalty program for free miles. Other brands will off exclusive codes to people who sign up to their mailing list via a special link on Facebook.