Buy Paper Goods in Bulk: 3 reasons why it’s a great way to save

Estimated Monthly Savings: $200

Your life runs on paper…well paper and coffee probably. From the time you wake until the moment you put on your sleeping cap and drift off to sleep, you will come in contact with so many forms of paper it will make your head spin. There is no reason that you or your family should go bankrupt due to paper products. Surrender to the paper trap and purchasing that sweet stuff in bulk. But where and how to begin? Below are three different facets and solutions to keep paper from dominating your life. Nip it in the butt before you pay through the nose for that pulpy playmate.



The beginning of August in the United States is the best time for you to buy school supplies. That’s right. The average cost of a package of college ruled, loose leaf paper is around .85 during the school year. But for some reason, during peak Back to School paper purchasing time the price at various stores with sales (i.e. Walmart, Staples, Target) retail those same packs of paper for .50-.70!!! That’s .15-.35 less than any other time during the year! In my experience as a stay at home Dad, Staples is the place to go. So do you and your kids a favor and keep a closet filled to the brim with reams of cheap paper purchased during those sales times THEN NEVER BUY PAPER AGAIN FOR THE REMAINDER OF THE YEAR!!! Your pocket book will thank you and so will your kids.


I’m sorry, but there’s no way getting around this. Costco is the best place to buy toilet paper in bulk. There, I said it. For 36 rolls of double ply Kirkland brand toilet tissue it’s around $25 online and when you go in the store, you can find sometimes a better deal. Plus they have all those free samples that are always so pleasant. I buy bulk TP at Costco and put it away with the notebook paper.


It’s hard to wash dishes every night and it’s even harder to get your kids to do it. That’s why there is no shame in using paper plates daily. The only way to buy these disposable beauties is to buy online. Uline sells paper plates online for around $25 for 300. That’s right! For paper plates, you can seriously get enough to feed an army on a budget if you look at the right place online. Amazon is a great place to purchase plates.

In short, what I suggest is: clean out a closet and dedicate that closet solely to paper products. If you have to randomly buy paper products use coupons. Links to my some coupon sites are here, here, and here. Have yourself a field day! Your spouse and kids will thank you for taking them out to dinner with the money you saved.