How to Save Money While Earning Cash Back


Estimated Monthly Savings: $20

We all need to buy things like food and clothing. This is a fact a life. But why not earn cash for doing what you do everyday? Earning cash back, in the form of a check, is a way for you to save real money. You can take that check and put it into a savings account or vacation fund and see the impact that saving money can have on your goals. Here are three great apps that can help you earn you a real check for shopping.

Checkout 51

Checkout 51 is an app that allows you to earn cash back for grocery shopping. Each week, take a look at the app to see what specials they are highlighting for the week. They could fresh produce, particular brands or in some cases, associated with a particular grocery or big chain store. Go ahead and your regular shopping and be sure to pick up the weekly highlighted items. When you are finished, upload a copy of your receipt and see the savings add up. Once you have reached $20 in savings, you can cash out your savings and Checkout 51 sends you a check. It’s that easy.


Ebates is a platform that connects to various retailers, allowing you to earn a percentage of your purchase in the form of cash. Ebates sends checks or can directly deposit money into your PayPal account every three months.


Ibotta is a hybrid of the two companies mentioned above. It is similar to Checkout 51 in that you can upload receipts to link to deals but you can also upload customer loyalty cards, to get the maximum in savings and earn reward points. Like Ebates, it allow you to make in app purchases and receive cash back on those purchases as well.

Take the time to investigate which kind of platform bests suits your buying needs. Be aware that using these platforms may negate any outside discounts you see on the web or coupons but getting that check in the mail is great.