Save $150 Per Month on Quality Makeup

Estimated Monthly Savings: $150

You have your eye on a new line of makeup, but the thought of shelling out your hard-earned cash keeps you away. Here is how to save $150 on quality brand name makeup.

Contact a Rep

Many makeup lines have direct saleswomen who are happy to tell you all about their product. Contact one of these representatives and many times they will have plenty of products to help you try before you buy. These samples are a huge way to save you from buying something you will not like.

Also, the rep may offer discounted bundles and even do giveaway promotions. Let the rep know you are looking to save and they will find a way.

Do Your Homework

Why are you buying the brand of makeup? Is it really any better than a cheaper version? Check for money back guarantees from the company. Make sure you really are getting the best product for your dollar through research.

Stay Practical

Glitz and glam draw you in making you think you need it all to look the way a celebrity does. Keep your head and think twice before buying. Impulse purchases will kill your budget, which is where the money back guarantee can be handy. Ask yourself if you have been doing fine without this product, why do you need it now?

Use it as Intended

Quality makeup will last quite awhile. If you are an average makeup user, a set of foundation, two concealers, and your powders will last well over half a year. Do not give up on your used product before it is gone. Remember it too was once new and shiny. Use your products until the last drop and your wallet will reap the benefits.

Stick to these tips and you will save up to $150 in one year on quality makeup.