How to Save Money on Shampoos and Conditioners

Estimated Monthly Savings: $15 month

Washing our hair is something that we all do to keep up with good hygiene. Many of us also spend a fortune on fancy shampoos and conditioners. If you find yourself running out of either of these products rather quickly, here are some tips on how you can get more bang for your buck.

Buy in Bulk

Many people buy their shampoo at the grocery store or pharmacy when they do their regular shopping. However, buying the larger size of any product will actually save you money. Per ounce, the price of a larger container will always be less than the smaller sized product. The larger product purchase will also last longer thereby saving you money and many recyclable containers in the process. Check out discount sites and locations like Sally Beauty Supply for a wide variety of products.

Don’t Shampoo Everyday

While many of us are taught that good hygiene means showering and washing our hair every day, experts agree that the same does not hold true for our hair. Washing every day takes the essential oils out of our hair and creates a dry scalp. If you are washing your hair every other day, that would stretch out your shampoo and conditioner to last twice as long, in turn, saving you money each month.

Make Your Own Shampoo and Conditioner

There is always the option of making your own shampoo. Organic Authority has an all natural recipe for making a shampoo that includes castile soap, green tea, honey and olive with other additives depending on your hair type. There are other recipes that include essential oil for scent. Their recipe for conditioner starts with apple cider vinegar and water as its base.

Whatever method works for you: buying in bulk, cutting back on your hair washing or making your own, choose one and you are guaranteed to save money.