Get Professional Hair Color for Less with These Tips


Estimated Monthly Savings: $50

Hair color is expensive, especially for women with long hair or high-maintenance colors. Often a trip to the salon is more cause for stress than celebration, but today let’s talk about several ways to effortlessly save money the next time that you walk in for a hair appointment without compromising the quality of your hair care.

Try Something Trendy

If you like to keep up with current hair trends you might notice styles like balayage, shadow roots, and ombre hair colors at center stage of many fashion magazines. Not only are they popular and suitable for all hair types, these hair techniques all work with your own hair color at the top of your head and transition into lighter variations down the length of your hair so they look very natural and are low maintenance. So, how does this save you money? A hair color that uses your own color at the roots is easy on your hair budget because you can go longer between colors and still look as sharp as the day of your appointment. Unlike traditional highlights that require monthly touch-ups, a color choice like balayage or ombre put you in control of when you come back. You could go two months or more without needing a new color depending on how quickly your hair grows.

Go Au Natural

If shadow roots and other colors techniques don’t suit your style, try enhancing your natural color by opting for a deep conditioning treatment or salon-grade shampoo and conditioner. Both options will keep your natural color looking glossy and smooth and will add some dimension to your hair. Not to mention that the price compared to a color session will leave you and your wallet feeling satisfied. Talk with your stylist about strategies for enhancing your natural color, they may have just the product or do-it-yourself trick that will make your locks envy-worthy without a smidge of extra color.

Pick Something You’ll Love

If you have to have to get the full mermaid look and dye your hair blue from root to tip with shimmery purple highlights in between, go for it. Just keep this in mind: the biggest initial cost will be the first color session, so if you plan to completely revamp your look make sure that it’s a hairstyle that you’re happy to sport for a while. For example, to achieve blue hair the first time your stylist will have to bleach your whole head and carefully apply blue and purple highlights practically everywhere. That will be time-consuming, require a lot of dye, and will ultimately be pretty expensive. However, follow-up appointments are typically cheaper because they only require touch-ups that take less time and product. If you are careful with your new color, your next appointment may only consist of retouching at the base of your scalp. So it’s OK to say yes to that one color that you can’t get out of your head if you plan on keeping that color on your head for a while.

The next time you schedule a color appointment with your stylist, give one of these tips a go to see how easy it is to save money without compromising when it comes to coloring your hair.