Cut your Gym Cost by switching to a Boutique Gym

Estimated Monthly Savings: $75

Many people are leaving traditional gyms for boutique gyms. They are finding that traditional gyms don’t offer the number or type of classes they are seeking. Often, if the class is very popular, it is hard to get a space in the class. Boutique gyms are spaces that offer a more intimate, personal setting for clients with smaller classes. They may offer one format or a just a few and offer these classes multiple times a day. As people decide to leave the traditional gym environment for the boutique gyms, they find that the costs can add up quickly. Here are 5 tips to help you save money when you are looking for classes at boutique gyms.

  • Take Advantage of the Introductory Offers. Many boutique gyms offer classes at discounted prices. These package offers range from money off per class to money off unlimited classes for a week or two. If you already have experience with a class, this is a great transition to see if the new studio is right for you.
  • Look Out for Specials on Social Media. Following a studio on social media can yield big savings. Boutique gyms offer flash sales and discounts through social media. They also offer free classes or money off for friendly referrals.
  • Buy in Bulk. If you are planning on going to the boutique gym once or twice a week, it pays to buy class packages. In the long run, these types of packages offer a few dollars off per class.
  • Work the Front Desk.  If the gym offers a format you like ask if they need front desk help. Boutique gyms are usually locally owned and prefer if those who greet new clients can talk about the gym from a personal perspective. If the gym can’t pay you maybe they can offer free classes in return for your work.
  • Check Out Third Party Sites. Sites like Classpass and FitReserve offer access to different clubs for a limited number of times per month at a discount. For example, Classpass offers a month-to-month membership for $35 dollars and provides access to 3 different gyms once per billing cycle. If you want to return to anyone of those gyms, it will cost you on per class basis but at a significantly reduced rate.

Boutique gyms are a great option if you find yourself not using your traditional gym membership. They allow you to explore other options in the fitness scene or focus on one or two disciplines. If this sounds like you, try it out.