At-Home Hair Removal: It Won’t Hurt You Or Your Wallet!

Estimated Monthly Savings: $50

Whether you’re a full-time mom or a recent college grad, you have almost definitely experienced the familiar dread of standing in the drugstore aisle staring at all the various hair removal options and wishing there was an easier — and cheaper — way.  Not only are razor blade replacements ridiculously expensive, but there’s shaving cream to consider, after-shave lotions, hair-melting chemical concoctions and bleaches, and boxes of tiny wax strips that always seem to remove more skin than hair. And then there’s the fact that no matter what you choose, almost every economical option leaves skin irritated and broken out, with rashes and ingrown hairs, leaving you back at square one, in the same aisle next month, looking for a different solution that just might be kinder to your skin as well as your bank account.

Or perhaps you’ve abandoned that frustrating cycle altogether and instead fork over your hard-earned cash at the salon, where on average a Brazilian wax will set you back $65, threaded ‘brows cost a cool $30, and – oh, you want smooth, silky legs? That’ll be at least $120, and don’t forget a 20% tip! Spa visits also require you to be comfortable getting seriously, um, personal with a total stranger, which can take some getting used to. But don’t worry, you’ll have to come back in just a few weeks and do it all over again!

If this sounds at all familiar to you, take a deep breath. There is another way. We have found a welcome solution: at-home hair removal. When it comes to self-care, waxing is not just better for the well-being of your skin, but also that of your wallet. And — wait for it — yes, we’ve tested the waters for you.

1. The Big Ticket Item

The most important item to buy is, of course, the wax — and for this, hard wax is the clear winner. It sticks to your hair (and NOT to your skin), which minimizes pain, and also doesn’t necessitate using cloth strips; the wax itself dries to a flexible solid that can be removed from skin all on its own. This also makes for a cleaner overall process, as you avoid the messy stickiness that accompanies traditional creme or soft waxes.

And in case you were wondering, a tub of wax is less than $20, and one will last you forever, even if you use it religiously every 6-8 weeks.

2. Finding Quality Products

Spending a little money up front at a proper beauty supply store will save you big bucks in the long run. Beauty supply stores, such as Sally’s, is where many professional spa owners and hair stylists purchase their supplies in bulk, though anyone is allowed to shop there.

For first-time waxers or seasoned pros, all-inclusive waxing kits come highly recommended. They include everything you’ll need to remove hair at home. If you like the results, you simply have to repurchase additional products as needed, most of which retail at low bulk prices.

You may prefer the microwave kit simply for the convenience, but the Mini Pro Waxing Kit is a top-reviewed best-seller for a reason. Just make sure you purchase an additional pot of hard wax as the Mini Pro Kit comes with creme. GiGi’s Brazilian Hard Wax is one option, retailing for $17.99 at Sally’s, though the wax warmer will accommodate any 14-ounce pot, and there are many other great hard waxes out there.

3. Save with Sales

All major beauty supply stores not only have regular specials, sales, and bulk pricing, but they also offer coupons online. Check these out online before you shop so you can get the best possible deal. Moreover, sign up for email blasts or the store’s “Beauty Insider” club, and you’ll be eligible to receive even more savings, personalized to your needs and interests! Right now, for instance, members save two bucks on Brazilian Hard Wax.

With an estimated monthly savings of $50 (though anyone who prefers being practically hair-free is guaranteed to save much more), switching to DIY hair removal is a gift that keeps on giving. Over time, waxing actually causes your hair follicles to die, making regrowth more and more sparse, though the hours and dollars you spent each month at the drugstore will fade into the past much more quickly.

Your mind, body, and savings account will thank you.