3 Ways to Save on Home Decor!

Estimated Monthly Savings: $15

We have all been guilty of overspending on that beautiful little trinket for our bookshelves, or on that gorgeous canvas to jazz up our walls. Sometimes the cutest (and smallest) home decor piece can cost us an arm and a leg. This doesn’t mean you have to stop updating your home decor. But, if you want to save some money over the course of the year, these three tips will save you more than you know!

1.  Window Shop Before You Buy

First and foremost, you must hold back. Don’t buy the first thing you see and love without window shopping. If you are truly trying to save some money, keep reminding yourself of that. There are so many wonderful stores that have gorgeous home decor pieces but some of those stores have such high price tags. When you find something you love, snap a photo of it and try to find something similar at a different store with a lower price tag. Try searching the web for some of the key details about the items you find and see if similar pieces pop up with a lower price!

2.  Recreate it Yourself

When you are shopping for home decor pieces, oftentimes it is possible to “do-it-yourself”. Again, snap a photo of the decoration or art you like and head to a craft store! With this, you must understand that it will not be the exact piece you originally found but you might be able to recreate it for much less. This tip is especially good for pieces such as floral arrangements, canvas paintings, and wooden/rustic decor. Pinterest is also a great tool when using the “recreate it” tip!

3.  Shop at Thrift Stores and Upcycle

This is always so much fun. Buy old furniture to refinish with new paint or stain… try adding new hardware to really jazz it up. Finding frames from the thrift store is the best! You can refinish and restyle them to put your own photos into, or you can get really creative and use the framed edge only to frame a simple mirror you already have.

Tuck some money away and start saving on your new home decor! Remember to window shop first and try to find cheaper alternatives, recreate it when possible, and upcycle old and tired furniture.