Saving on Decor with Houseplants

Estimated Monthly Savings: $40

Adding a bit of greenery can transform any space in your home. Houseplants add character and a relaxing atmosphere while improving the air quality in your house. You can easily create and maintain a large collection of plants that showcase your personality and make you happy without breaking the bank.

Choose something you can care for

You should choose your plants according to the amount of light available in your house, the amount of pruning they’ll need, and how often they should be watered. If you tend to be forgetful, plants like succulents ($5) and pothos ($5) are your friends├é┬ábecause they don’t require frequent watering. If you have low light levels, a succulent would not do well while a pothos would flourish. If you’re a beginner, an expensive, hard-to-care-for plant such as a bonsai ($40) would be unlikely to survive. Having plants you’re able to care for well will prevent gaps in your collection and the impulse to buy more.

Skip the painted pots

Painted pots look nice but they can be fairly pricey, often costing around $15 a pot. You can buy classic terra cotta pots for a low price in bulk ($4 for five pots) at home supplies stores or online. You can dress them up with paint and bows and customize them to match your current decor. If you’re not skilled at hand painting, a can of spray paint usually sells for $6 and you’ll be able to paint dozens of pots with a single can.

Buy plants that multiply on their own

If you’re okay with having multiple similar plants, you can increase your collection without spending a penny. Plants such as succulents, spider plants, pothos, or snake plants are commonly available plants that all reproduce on their own if they’re well taken care of. If you have a bit of patience, you can grow many new plants from a single starter plant!

Turn to other hobbyists

Is there a special plant you’re looking for? Hobbyists are often willing to trade with other enthusiasts for plants they want. So if you have a plant you wouldn’t mind getting rid of, consider making a post in a houseplant forum detailing what you’re willing to trade and what type of plant you wish to receive in return. Sometimes people decide they no longer want their plants and offer to give them away for free on these forums!

With these simple tips, you can have a gorgeous collection that makes you happy without emptying your wallet.