3 methods to Save Money on Razors

Estimated Monthly Savings: $15

For most of us, shaving is part of our daily routine. Forking over lots money for fancy disposable razor blade cartridges can seem like an inescapable part of that routine, but it’s not. There’s an easy way to save money on shaving without changing your habits.

Take Better Care of Your Razors

If you’re not washing off your razor blades when you finish shaving, it’s time to start. Leaving soap and shaving cream residue on the blade will dull it faster.

Ladies, take your razor out of the shower when you’re finished with it. If you don’t keep your razor someplace dry, it could be breeding bacteria. It can also rust, forcing you to throw away the blade (and your money) even if it’s still sharp.

You can also extend the life of your blades by pushing them backward along blue jeans about twenty times to sharpen the blade.

Switch to Safety Razors

Safety razors are old-fashioned metal razors your grandparents probably shaved with. When using a safety razor, you only replace the blade. There’s no fancy disposable plastic five-blade razor cartridge with gel aloe strips individually encased in plastic. It’s just a plain metal blade.

Razor blades are usually sharper than the blades on disposable razors. That means they tend to last longer. The longer lifespan, along with their simplicity, makes them a much cheaper alternative to disposable razors. According to Fortune magazine, the average cost for a disposable razor blade cartridge is $3.83. Many popular brands are even more expensive. A pack of 100 replacement razor blades, on the other hand, costs less than $20. That’s 20¢ per blade. You could be saving $3.63 every time you throw out a dull blade.

Safety razors are usually marketed towards men, but there’s no reason women shouldn’t get in on these savings, too.

Shave Less Often

Do you really need to shave your legs every day in the middle of January? Before you shave, stop and ask yourself if anyone is actually going to see your legs in the next twenty-four hours, or if you’re just shaving out of habit. Shaving less also means shorter showers and a lower water bill.

You could be spending pennies on the dollar of your current shaving routine. It’s time to stop disposing of your money along with your old razor blade cartridges.