2 Apps that just might help put cash in your pocket: Commute by Ride Sharing!

Estimated Monthly Savings: $70

Getting to and from all the places you need to go, costs you money. Aside from fuel for your car, there is also maintenance and wear and tear on your vehicle that ends up coming out of your pocket.

However, Monthly Expense has solutions!

Many people are abandoning their own vehicles and opting to use services like Uber and Lyft. These companies provide the vehicle and the driver and are accessed via the app on your smart phone.

With ride sharing, you can save even more money by checking to see if others are traveling to the same place as you are, and then split the carpooling fare, saving everyone money.

So…let’s compare and breakdown the $avings.

People who use UberPool ride sharing service from Uber, saved an average of 40%. That means that if you typically spend $100 each month on transportation, by ride sharing, you could save approximately  $40 per month!

However, Lyft is quickly rising up to compete with Uber, and is now in most US cities, offering the Lyft Lyne ride sharing option, which claims to save you 60%! Now that’s a lot of savings!  

Prices can fluctuate during certain times or holidays though. Called a “surge” this is a time when transportation is at high demand, enabling companies to charge more for their services.  So how do you know which app to use, when? Which will save you the most money?  

Ride Fair to the rescue

Another app, accessed via smart phone, Ride Fair allows you to compare Uber and Lyft, to see which service can arrive fastest, and for what price.

These apps will not only save you time but money too…

Happy Travels Friends

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