Vinegar – The Miracle Formula For Saving Money

Estimated Monthly Savings: $150

This money saver is probably already sitting in your pantry, but you did not realize how much it could save you each month. It has many more uses than just flavoring food. You may have heard the “old wives tales” of all the things it could do, but they are becoming much more credible in the world of “green” alternatives. There is a growing list of things that vinegar is known for and it can effectively replace more expensive commercial chemicals.

A person can use vinegar as a very effective household cleaner to make windows shiny, remove stains and odors, kill mold and some germs, clean corrosion from metal, and much more. It is extremely useful to have while cleaning, and can also replace some items in the medicine cabinet. It eases the pain of sore throats, the itch of poison ivy, insect bites, and dandruff. There is now evidence supporting more significant medical uses that can save money such as weight loss and nutrient absorption among others.

The average cost of a gallon of vinegar is approximately $4.00, and when mixed with water can last a month or more. The estimated cost of weed killer, window cleaner, sore throat spray, corrosion remover, mold remover, carpet cleaner, diet pills, and multiple other chemicals, is at least $150.00 for approximately the same time span. This totals a significant savings of $50.00 – $150.00 monthly, depending on how much of each of these products a household uses. When people consider the all-natural and environmentally friendly aspect of vinegar, it becomes an even better deal for almost any household.