The top 5 reasons you should start your holiday shopping in July


Estimated Monthly Savings: $35

Choosing the perfect holiday gifts for your loved ones is never easy. In addition to finding something your friends and family will enjoy, you face the challenge of choosing a gift that works with your budget. With the average American spending close to $1,000 on holiday shopping, budget-conscious consumers are always searching for ways to save money. Fortunately, there is a shopping strategy that will help you save money on the perfect gifts: Adopt a “Holiday in July” shopping strategy. Below are the top five reasons why you should start your holiday shopping on July 6th.

1) Retailers are more apt to offer specials and promotions. July and August are typically slow months for most retailers. However, some major retailers such as Wal-Mart and Amazon have adopted a Christmas in July approach to sales by offering special promotions to summer shoppers.

2) Lower overall prices. Summer is an ideal time to buy many retail items, especially popular gift items such as computers, cell phones, and other electronic items. Retailers typically lower their prices in an effort to combat sluggish summer sales, enabling consumers to enjoy the savings.

3) Shorter lines at the checkout counters. Time saved equates to money saved for busy consumers who dread the long checkout lines typically seen in December. Shoppers can shave hours off their overall shopping time by getting an early start in the summer.

4) Less competition for hot items. Get a jump on your fellow buyers by shopping in July, August, and September. Your gift selection will be larger and you will not have to worry as much about coveted items going out of stock.

5) No need to spend extra money on overnight shipping. Online shoppers who wait until December to do their shopping face a greater risk of product back orders and shipping delays. Additionally, there is little likelihood of snowstorms and other winter weather catastrophes that can delay shipping. Shoppers who begin purchasing gifts in July never have to overcompensate by spending extra money to guarantee delivery by the holidays.

By starting your holiday shopping in July, you can enjoy special sales promotions and substantial cost savings. You can also save valuable time by avoiding shipping delays and the long checkout lines that holiday shoppers must endure in December.