Save on Shipping During the Holidays: 4 Tips

Estimated Monthly Savings: $75

The holiday season can be expensive. But you don’t have to make it more expensive by paying for shipping. Here are a few tips to help you save.

1. Plan When to Shop: Take Advantage of Deal Days

There are two major events during the holiday season where you can expect to see free shipping. The first is Cyber Monday. Cyber Monday is the online version of Black Friday and is held the Monday immediately following Thanksgiving. Most stores will offer not only major price cuts, but free shipping as well. The second event is Free Shipping Friday. As the name implies, major retailers offer free shipping on this day. This event takes place December 17, 2017.

2. Prepare Before you Shop: Join Rewards Clubs

Many stores offer membership clubs that come with free shipping as a perk. Target Redcard holders receive a 5% discount on all purchases and free shipping on everything. The best part is is that there are no fees and the Red Card is a debit card, not a credit card. Sephora’s membership, Sephora Flash comes with a $10 annual fee. However, shipping at Sephora is $5.95 per order. So if you order more than one time per year you will see the savings. Amazon Prime comes with many benefits, but the best benefit is arguably free shipping. Get free two-day shipping on all purchases, even the big stuff like furniture.

3. Go Shopping: Know the Insider Secrets

Did you know that if you purchase any beauty item at Macy’s, your entire order ships free? So instead of paying the standard $10.95 for shipping, simply add a $5 lip gloss and you will have saved $5.95 and you have a stocking stuffer. If you’re looking to buy at Kohl’s you can save on shipping by ordering at a kiosk in the store. Make your purchase at the kiosk and they will ship anywhere for free. Amazon joins in too by offering free shipping to all pre-order purchases.

4. Check Out: Watch What You Spend

Many retailers offer free shipping once you hit a minimum purchase amount. You can save big money on shipping by planning your shopping at buying all at once, rather than spreading your purchases out. If your close the minimum, adding a small purchase to your order to meet the minimum can often be cheaper than paying shipping.