Spend Less at the Coffee Shop: Five Tips to Try Today

Estimated Monthly Savings: $25

For many of us, coffee is more than a delicious splurge or guilty pleasure, it is a necessity. A requirement to function. The only thing that could make your cup of coffee more enticing is if the price were less, well, expensive. All this talk about coffee might tempt you to take a quick coffee break, but before you do, check out this list for easy tips on saving money at your favorite coffee shop today.

Ask if its Extra

Whether you like dairy-free milk, an extra shot of espresso, or more whip on top of your latte, keep in mind that these additions to your order could be costing you as much as $.50 per request. Now, those with certain allergies should not hesitate to pay extra the right add-ons, but if you can skip the extra whip a few times a week, you will have saved enough to buy an extra drink or two without adding to your coffee budget. Now, not all changes and additions to your drink cost more, and costs will vary from shop to shop, so if you’re not sure whether your preferences are extra, go ahead and ask your barista.

Join the Club

To save even more, consider becoming a rewards member at your favorite coffee shop. From big chains to local hot spots, almost every coffee shop has some type of punch card or reward program available. These programs typically award free coffee over a period of visits and almost always include optional emails to tell you about member specials and promotions. Keep track of these emails and take advantage when the offer lines up with the type of drinks that you would buy. Just remember to keep track of your points or punches in case they expire, and don’t be enticed by offers that will cause you to spend more. This trick alone can earn you free drinks and cost-savings equal to around $5.00-$10.00 each month.

Keep it Simple

A quick scan at any coffee shop will prove the fact that the more intricate the drink, the higher the price tag. To change things up and save some cash, try tinkering with cheaper options on the menu with the same flavors and textures that you enjoy in more expensive drinks. For example, if a caramel iced latte is your go-to drink, opt for an iced coffee with extra milk and a few pumps of caramel instead. Coffee-based drinks are typically cheaper than espresso-based choices, and you might be surprised at how much you enjoy the variation. If warms drinks are your go-to choice, try a coffee base with any extra flavors and creams. The trick here is to take a little time to experiment and formulate an individualized drink that costs less than the standard menu option.

Bring Your Own Cup

Quite a few local and national coffee change offer discounts for customers who bring their own cups. The cost savings are not that impressive per trip, but a month or two could add up to some nice spare change. If your coffee shop doesn’t offer this perk, check and see if they have any other type of cup program; some shops offer discounts for customers who order drinks with cups purchased in the shop.

Try the Coffee

Finally, for those that prefer drinking regular coffee as opposed to espresso drinks, keep in mind the fact that some coffee shops offer free or discounted refills on hot and iced coffee. If you can take advantage of this perk at your coffee shop of choice you could enjoy a free coffee each visit, which means you’ll benefit from savings of anywhere from $2.00-3.50 per trip.

Now that you know how to save money on your must-have coffee fix, go ahead, get out there and see which of these tricks you can use to save on your cup of joe today.