Save Money by using the Library for Your Entertainment Needs

Estimated Monthly Savings: $52

When deciding what entertainment to use, it’s likely that your choices are taking up a large part of your budget. Thankfully, there are many ways to reduce your entertainment budget month-to-month. So what’s the best way to do so? Use your local library!

Renting Movies. When you visit your local library, you might have noticed–but not bothered to inquire about–the stack of movies they have for rent. While you could rent a movie online for $4.99 every week, a better option financially would be to visit your local library and rent one for $1, or sometimes free! If you’re renting a movie to watch with your family every week, you can go from spending nearly $20 per month, to just $4 per month, a savings of over $192 per year!

Magazines. Your magazine subscriptions can add up quickly! How quickly? Depends on how much you spend. If you’re getting a yearly subscription to People Magazine, then you’re spending a whopping $76.68 per year on your subscription. If you’re getting your magazine subscription from your library, however, you’re getting it for free. You can do the math there.

Books. If you’re half-worm, bookworm that is, then you can probably spend a significant amount on books each year. If you’re buying 2 new books per month, and each book costs you an average of $15. You’re spending $360 per year on books. You must love books to spend that much on them, so why not head to your local library and read them for free. Sure, you don’t get to keep them, but you do get to keep an extra $360 per year on books.

What Are Your Total Savings?

If you switch to renting your movies, magazines, and books from your local library, you’ll be saving a combined $628.68 every year! So head to your local library today and start saving your hard-earned cash!