How to Save Money on Toys: 3 Quick Tips

Estimated Monthly Savings: $75

Every parent knows how many toys it takes to keep kids entertained, and every parent knows how easily the bill for toys can add up. Here’s how to get plenty to keep them happy without spending too much.

Shop Consignment Sales

Most communities have consignment sales that run twice or more per year. This allows people to put themes their kids no longer use into these sales and to make a little money from them. It also allows other parents to pick up great toys for a small fraction of the price they cost new. Everything from the latest electronic toys to classic wooden items are available at these sales, and you’ll save a bundle on them all.

Local Yard Sales

Yard sales may sound like you wouldn’t find much there, but they often have nearly new toys that the owners’ kids have outgrown. You can even find plenty of brand-new toys still in their packages. There are yard-sale apps that can show you when and where new yard sales will be as well as the sellers’ descriptions of what will be for sale. Yard sales are so inexpensive that you can find a wealth of toys without spending much at all.

Talk to Other Parents

Chances are that as a parent, you know plenty of other parents. Talking to them about the items their kids are getting rid of can help you to get toys for far less, and help your friends to get rid of items they no longer have a use for. Many parents struggle with figuring out what to do when their kids have too many toys around or have outgrown most of what they have. You can help them to find a new home for items that will be new to your kids. You can even host a toy exchange where parents trade toys so that each child gets items that are new to him.

There are many great ways to get items for your children to play with without breaking your budget. Once you know where to look, you may never want to pay retail again.