How to Save Money on After School Activities

Estimated Monthly Savings: $200

As your children get older, the number and kinds of after school activities that they want to do increases. This means that your budget for these activities will grow….or will it? Here are some suggestions for you to help manage the growing costs of children’s after-school activities.

Become the Parent Liaison.

If your child wants to do an activity that isn’t currently being offered at their school or there isn’t a team like it in your area, some organizations offer free tuition or enrollment for the parent who organizes the activity and serves as the parent liaison. This usually requires you to send emails on behalf of the organization, ensure sufficient enrollment and organize space or a field for the activity. In return for your child’s free enrollment, they get many more paying customers.

Purchase, Rent or Participate in an Exchange of Used Sporting Equipment.

Kids grow so quickly, cleats, pads, and helmets can be very costly. Many sports leagues organize an exchange day for equipment to help offset these expenses for parents. If your league doesn’t currently offer this, try and organize one. Also, visit consignment stores or online sites like Swap Me Sports and 2nd Time Sports for used equipment.

Look for Activities Run by the City or County.

Activities that are run by private, for-profit organizations are more expensive than those run by the city and county. For example, swim or tennis lessons provided at a public facility are much more affordable than those offered privately.

It is wonderful that kids want to try new activities. Hopefully, you can encourage and support them without breaking the bank.