How to Save Money on Clothes for Children in Just 3 Steps

Estimated Monthly Savings: $75

Kids grow so fast and keeping them in fashionable styles that fit them is expensive. You could always go to thrift shops but it’s hard to find a consistent quality of clothing. Here are some ideas for how you can save on brand name clothing items for children.

Combine Savings Offers. Brand name stores like Old Navy and Children’s Place offer great incentives for you if you are a regular shopper. For example, Old Navy offers Old Navy Cash. For every $25 you spend, they give you back $10 to use on a future purchase. Use these savings with clearance clothing and items that are 20-50% off and you can really save on that future purchase. Children’s Place has similar incentives where you earn points for each purchase. Each dollar you spend, you earn 1 point and 1 point=$5. Combine with sale items for a bigger bang for your buck.

Buy and Sell Kids Clothes Online. Sites like ThredUp and Baby Outfitter allow you to buy and sell used clothing online. These sites generally look for name brands when purchasing items making it a great place to pick up inexpensive designer clothes for kids. They also make it easy to sell clothing back to them but remember that if they are selling the clothes inexpensively that means they are paying a fraction of the price to those turning in used clothes.

Brick and Mortar Consignment Stores. Stores dedicated to kids consignment like Kid to Kid and Once Upon a Child are nationally franchised stores that provide a place for local customers to bring and buy used children’s clothing. These stores usually accept up to size 14 and will often offer seasonal wear. This is great when you are looking for snow boots or bathing suits for that day. Because these are locally owned and operated allowing the staff to reject clothing that does not meet their store standards, the quality of clothing is more upscale than thrift stores.

So the next time you head to the mall or out on a shopping trip with your kids, take some of these ideas with you. Your kids will be happy and so will your wallet.