How to Save Money on Books This Holiday Season

Estimated Monthly Savings: $50

Give the gift of reading this holiday season. As many readers turn to eBooks as a source for reading, there is nothing like holding a paper book in your hands as you turn the pages. Reading is a great way to spend your vacations, late nights and snowy days. Here are a few tips for cutting expenses while purchasing books for family and friends.

Buy at Warehouse Stores. Did you know that stores like Costco and Sam’s Club sell books? During the holiday season, they tend to increase their supply. It is a great place to purchase box sets at lower prices.

Visit School Book Fairs. During the holiday season, schools all around the country hold book fairs as fundraisers. Look for the book fairs that offer 2-for-1 sales.

Look for Older Titles. As new titles come out, the ones that were popular six months or a year ago are on sale for as much as 30-50% off. While these titles may no longer be on the top 10 list, any book that the recipient hasn’t read is still new to her.

Stick with Paperback. The paperback versions of books are usually less expensive than hardcover books. This means you have to wait a few months before you can read your favorite book but it’s always worth the anticipation.

Check Out Used Bookstores. If you haven’t been to a used bookstore lately, you might be surprised at the great condition of some of the books. Remember that many people read a novel once and then store it on their bookshelf, leaving the book like new when they finished. The best place to look for used books is at Friends of the Library stores. These stores are where libraries collect books for donation. You can often find books for .50-$3.

Think about the loved one or friend in your life who appreciates a good book as you do your holiday shopping this season.