How to Save on Your Energy Bill

Estimated Monthly Savings: $30

$112.59!? That’s how much the average American household spends on energy per month. Here are 6 simple tricks to slashing your monthly bill.

Air dry your clothes and dishes.

Yes, you read that correctly. Environmentalists have been encouraging people to air dry their clothes for a while, and it’s becoming more common. Have you tried doing the same with your dishes?

You wouldn’t pay for express shipping on a delivery you didn’t need right away. Why are you paying for express drying? Turn the energy-intensive heated dry off, and let your clothes and dishes air dry.

Sunlight is free heating.

The sunlight streaming through your windows is warming up your house more than you think.

In winter, throw open the curtains and let it stream in. In summer, close the curtains in any room you’re not currently in. Treat the curtains like a light switch. When you leave a room, close the curtains and turn off the light.

Offset your A/C with fans.

Fans use a fraction of the energy that air conditioning uses. If you have ceiling fans, use them. If you don’t, invest in a cheap floor fan. With the air circulating in the room, you can set your thermostat five degrees higher and still feel cool.

Don’t heat an empty house.

Too many people leave their heat or air conditioning on even when they’re at work or running errands. Yes, you’ll have to wait for your home to warm up or cool down when you get back, but this is a minor inconvenience for major savings.

Many newer thermostats are programmable. Find out if you can set it to turn off from during the workweek. If so, your home can heat up or cool down during your commute home.

Grab a blanket – or don’t.

Do you sleep under a blanket in the summer? Most people do, but it’s time to stop. You’re paying to cool down your house while covering up to keep warm. If your cold, turn up the A/C.

If you feel weird sleeping without a blanket, trade your blanket for a thin sheet. Once that feels normal, see if you can get rid of that, too.

In the winter, turn down the heat and use some extra blankets.

Do you have a gym membership?

Great! It’s time to hit the showers. You’re definitely seeing those long, hot showers on your energy bill. We like them, too, but why not let your gym pick up the tab?

It doesn’t make sense to shower at home after your workout. The hot water at your gym is included in your membership. Take advantage of that. The more people you have in your household,  the bigger the difference this will make.

There are plenty of easy, convenient ways to reduce your energy spending. Try these six steps, and see your bill drop.