How To Save Money On Childcare in 5 Steps

Estimated Monthly Savings: $200

Date Night’s coming up, which means you’ll need a babysitter, or a miracle. Finding a babysitter is a pain, finding an affordable babysitter, a whole different story. So, Here are a few tips on saving money on childcare;

1. Family Member

Asking a someone in your family is the best way to go, they understand your financial situation and are understanding if you’re unable to pay them. And I’m sure they’d love to spend some quality time with their nieces/nephews. They also understand that you’ll repay them, if not in the form of cash, in the form of a favor.

2. Friend

Along with the Family member, your friends will be understanding of your situation and know that if you are unable to pay them, you will as soon as you can, or you’ll do them a favor when the time comes and they need your help. One important thing to think about when it comes to date night and asking for childcare is, don’t wait til the last minute. Ask at least a week in advance, so that they, your friends or family, can make sure they clear their schedule.

3. Return The Favor

Returning the favor is also a good way to go. You can come to an agreement with someone, family, friend, or even a co-worker that has children, that if they take care of your children for the night, you’ll return the favor by taking care of their children when their date night rolls around.

4. Save A Month In Advance

Add money for a babysitter into your budget. Make date night every two weeks, and work it into your monthly spending. This will allow you to not only make date night happen, but be able to repay those who are your childcare for those nights. You won’t need to stress about the money, and you won’t need to stress and feel bad about not being able to pay them for their hard work.

5. Group Date With Friends That Have Children

Make one date night a group date night with friends who have children. Go somewhere fun, that has lots of things for your little ones to do, and let them enjoy themselves while you do the same. Your children will be able to enjoy some time out of the house, and you and your friends will be able to enjoy some quality time with each other and your Significant Others.

Date night is already stressful enough, but it shouldn’t be. You can make it less so by planning ahead.