How to Save Money on Childcare for Moms Who Like to Workout

Estimated Monthly Savings: $50

Finding time for fitness can be difficult and sometimes frustrating as a new parent. You probably enjoyed going to the gym as a single person not only for the exercise but for the comradery you developed with your gym friends. It’s great to be with a group of like minded people who you can relate to you on a different level. As a new parent, you are probably realizing that your fitness routine now revolves around a little person’s schedule. To make the most of your time, here are a few ways that you can still work out and maybe make some new friends or see your old ones in the process.

Join a Gym with Childcare

Find out if your gym, or any gym that you are considering joining, has childcare. Many large franchise locations offer childcare options for children from newborns through early childhood. Be sure to investigate the days and hours. Many offer morning hours that are most convenient for stay at home parents during the week (9:00-13:00) or afterschool hours (16:00-20:00). Gyms usually offer weekend hours in the mornings (9:00-13:00) but be sure you know before you join.

Schedule On Demand Classes

You love the idea of joining a gym but can’t make the commitment to a monthly payment or even getting there on a regular basis? Maybe your finding it hard to do that intense workout you used to do and need something a little kinder and gentler on your body? Start easy with at home, on demand classes that you can follow on YouTube or borrow a DVD from the library. There are apps that can provide workouts as well. If you own a fitness tracker like FitBit, you can access a personal coach to help you stay on track.

Whether you prefer to head back into your regular routine or start back slowly, before you head back to exercise, be sure you get the green light from your health practitioner. Most new moms can be ready to head back to exercise as early a eight weeks after birth. Whatever you choose to do, enjoy your time and start feeling good knowing you are doing something great for your body.