How to Save Money on Artistic Wall Decor

Estimated Monthly Savings: $250

Wall decor can completely change the mood of a room in your home. You can add a fun and playful atmosphere to your children’s rooms with brightly colored pictures or a cozy air to your bedroom by using soft textures and pastels.

Support your local artists

Instead of buying exclusively from big-time artists (which cost on average $4,000 to $10,000), try sleuthing out some pieces of art from your local galleries. This is not only a great way to get high-quality works of art for relatively low prices (usually from $100-$500 for a large painting), it’s also a great way to support your local community!

Thrifty is nifty

Not everyone wants or is able to afford to drop a couple of hundred dollars for a single painting or piece of artwork. This is where your local thrift shop comes in handy! Thrift shops sell an incredible amount of artwork second hand for very low prices($10-$50), and many thrift stores donate a portion of their proceeds to charity. They also have a huge variety of other types of wall decor, such as clocks, hanging fabrics, and picture frames.

Hand make simple yet elegant art

If you aren’t too keen on paintings, you’re still in luck. You can make your own pieces of art by using what’s around you! During the spring and fall, it’s easy to find flowers and beautifully colored leaves outside. You can take a few cuttings of local wildflowers, place them between wax paper, and press them between the pages of a heavy book for a few months until they dry. Once dry, you can use glue ($5) to attach the flower or leaf to a piece of craft paper ($0.50 a sheet). Using a spare picture frame you already have in the house or buying one from a thrift store ($5) you can then preserve this plant and hang it on the wall. For an added touch, you can research local wildlife in your area and write in the scientific name underneath for a sophisticated look.

You can also have your friends and family take part in decorating. Children love to draw and paint, and watercolors ($6/palette) make for an elegant addition to the home. Simply give them colors that work with your design plans and let them have fun. Your children will also love having a say in decorating!

You can have a beautifully decorated home showcasing your life and personality all while saving money – and you can have a lot of fun doing so!