Easy ways to Save more while raising your newborn

Estimated monthly savings: $200

Babies are the cutest beings on earth. To most parents, having a baby is a life-changing but rewarding experience. Taking care of your bundle of joy is expensive. Your love for your child might distract you from taking note of how much you really spend on your baby. It’s time to learn some ways you can save money with a baby.

Here are 4 tips to help you:

Breastfeed for a longer period

If you need another reason to embrace breastfeeding, does the fact that you stand to save between $70- $150 monthly sound convincing enough? Unless your child is allergic to milk, or you have twins, breastfeeding remains the best way to save money monthly that would have gone into baby formula.

Use cloth diapers

Many parents have chosen cloth diapers as an alternative to disposable ones. Although washing them never sounds appealing, saving between $30 to $60 on disposable diapers monthly and the fact that it is environment-friendly might be worth the extra washing.

Opt for group childcare

We know you love your child and would prefer a personal childcare worker than group child care, but you stand to save a good amount of money when you choose the later.

Buy fewer baby clothes

One mistake that new parents make, is to buy baby clothes that their kids quickly outgrow and never wear. Settle for as few clothes as your baby needs at the moment and nothing more. Why not reuse your older baby’s clothes if you have one? You can also register with websites like swapmamas.com that connects you with other money-saving mothers. Websites like this allow parents to trade outgrown baby clothes with you for little or nothing.