Compare Car Insurance Using These 5 Methods

Estimated Monthly Savings: $40

Car insurance is one of the few expenses that is mandated by law to have. Anybody that has to drive to work has to also have car insurance.  While it is a bit burdensome, car insurance is an important way to protect you when you get into an accident and damage someone’s vehicle. While car insurance is mandated, the government does not say what specific insurance to buy. There are some insurance providers that give you the same protection for much less money. There are a few different tools and methods to find the best insurance for your limited funds.

1. EverQuote

This site is one of the largest insurance comparison sites. They have an easy to use interface that takes several steps from the landing page to a full list of quotes. Simply go down the list and choose the one that fits your needs at the lowest price.

2. Progressive Insurance Landing Page

This company is a trail blazer in comparison shopping. Even though they are an insurance provider, they freely offer comparison quotes from their home page. If there is another firm with a better rate, they direct you to that company.

3. Friends and Family

Amazingly, sometimes friends and family are able to give you insight into a low-cost option for auto insurance. For example, they may be working with a local agent that gives big discounts, lower than the online rates. That

4. Combine Auto Insurance with Other Insurance

Insurance firms love to offer discounts for buying multiple lines at the same time. Many firms that offer auto insurance also offer other lines like renters insurance, home insurance, and even boat insurance. Choosing a firm and bundling several lines together at the same time allows you to get discounts on each line.


This is one of the oldest insurance comparison sites, originating during the original dot com boom. The firm has a deep list of partners. It also has decades of experience serving people seeking the lowest price on their auto insurance quote.