Clean Up With Some Savings: 3 Tips to Help You Save on Laundry

Estimated Monthly Savings: $50

You might think that doing laundry is a pretty straightforward process. Put some clothes in, add some soap, and start the washer—done. So really that can’t be much that you can do to save money on doing laundry, right? Actually, the truth is that there are a number of different ways you can reduce the amount of money you spend, simply by changing the way you do laundry. So let’s dive right in.

Run a Full Load Whenever Possible

This one’s obvious, right? The smaller your loads are, the more loads you ultimately end up doing. More loads equals more water which equals more money.  Try to run a full load every time you run the washer.

Don’t be Over-zealous with the Detergent

Adding more detergent won’t make your clothes cleaner. In fact, you could wind up with a sudsy residue all over your clothes, which definitely won’t help you save money when you have to rewash your clothes. In addition, if you have a front load washer, that extra soap could lead to mold issues and some ‘terry bad smells. We haven’t even mentioned The extra money you have to spend to buy more soap because you went through it quicker than you should have. Be sure to follow the measurements of the detergent container.

Be Cautious With How Long You Run the Dryer

You’d be surprised how quickly your clothes dry. Don’t believe us? Try stopping the dryer about three quarters of the way through it’s normal dry cycle. Chances are, the clothes will be dry and you will have saved money on your electric bill. Want a way to save even more money? Skip the dryer and hang your clothes to dry. Don’t worry, you don’t have to hang your intimates out on a line for all the neighbors to see. A simple clothes rack will work just fine.