7 Tips to Help You the Next Time You Plan Your Vacation

Estimated Monthly Savings: $75

Travel is for everyone! Don’t give up after seeing the outrageous flight price of a round-trip ticket. It is important to understand your options when traveling and also to know what to look for. If a vacation is what you want, then we are here to help!

Compare Flight Prices

Get the best price for your flight, without the extra-long layover. This is not as simple as comparing prices between one website and another. This tip means you will be creating different travel scenarios to compare. Begin with your basic search of a round-trip ticket to and from your chosen destination. If the prices that appear are not what you hoped for, consider some of the options below:

  • Check the prices of purchasing a one-way ticket there, and a one-way ticket home.
  • Opt for a cheaper flight line, but purchase the big seats up front. This means added comfort and you are the first ones off the plane!
  • During your search, adjust your dates by a day or so for your departure and return.

Consider Your Other Travel Options

This is a good idea if you’re open to flexibility. Planes are what first comes to mind when you think of “cross-country” traveling, but oftentimes you can take a bus or even a train to arrive at your final destination. Be sure to explore all of your options before finalizing your travel plans. Consider some of the travel combinations below:

  • Round trip bus or train tickets for your trip.
  • One-way flight to a half-way point and then a bus or train trip the rest of the way.

If time allows you to be flexible with your plans, an addition of a bus or train ticket might cut the costs of your vacation.

Miscellaneous Tips That Will Save You Money

Lastly, it is important to keep these tips in mind when planning and booking your vacations. Continue reading below to find out some of the best tips to help you cut your costs during your travel.

  • Pack Light! This is great because many airlines and travel services allow free carry-ons or a small bags. This will also make your traveling so much easier… no waiting for luggage. Once the plane lands, walk right off that plane and out of the airport!
  • Eat before getting on your flight. If you opted for a cheaper airline, they might charge for snacks and drinks on the plane (look into this prior). And remember once you get past security, you can purchase snacks and drinks from the airport to bring on your flight… this might be better than purchasing on the plane from the airline.

There are many tips out there for saving money on travel, but the simple ones that work are the way to go. Explore all of your options, book that trip, and enjoy your vacation!